Lateral Audio Stands

Lateral Audio Stands are dedicated to the design of audio stands and isolation products that enable the full potential of audio components to be heard within an audio system. The performance and musical presentation of an audio system is profoundly affected by the audio stand.

All components… analogue players,digital players, digital converters and amplification components show significant performance improvements when coupled to an excellent audio surface and stand. The total effect of reduced vibration enables further performance benefits to be realised from interconnecting signal and power cables.

Lateral utilise minimal structures which are high in strength and grounded, but also energy absorbent and dampened.

Audio surfaces use premium materials and techniques which connect directly into it’s structure, eliminating any excessive materials which do not improve the sound. By filtering low to high frequencies, with material selection and structural design, the designs absorb and dissipate the instantaneous audio energy fedback from the sound. A Lateral Audio stand also reduces levels of EMI / RFI by the selection of audio proven and non-magnetic materials, thereby benefitting nearby mains and interconnecting cables.

As an audiophile and professional engineering designer of both vibration affected products and high strength-weight ratio structures.

Have enabled these foundations to be long term research fields inherently influencing the engineering principles of the audio stand designs… indeed less really is more.

The range is designed to compliment modern setups, simple slimiline and two box setups through to large and esoteric enthusiast systems, heavy and typically mulit amp and valve orientated.

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