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Standard voltage levels are 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 15 & 19V. Note in comment which you require.
For custom voltages or 24V/2.2A it is €49 (ex. VAT) extra cost. Please contact us in such case.

Normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks, built on order. You are welcome to contact us before placing order to get delivery time for your configuration.

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Farad Super3 Power Supply

The Farad Super3 Power Supply is a double regulated 3A super capacitor linear power supply. With the latest of capacitor technology, it brings a great improvement to any system, when replacing SMPS, but also any other LPS. A Farad supply is the easy way to take the performance of your streamer, media-player, router, network switch, reference clock, modem, or other digital device to a higher level. Also connecting this linear power supply to your turntable, Phono stage, DAC or any other analogue device will give a significant improvement.

A Farad LPS is built for long durability at 24/7 operation with the best sounding A-brand parts inside.

The Super3 linear power supply is standardly delivered with a quad pole 18 AWG tin plated copper DC power cable of 50cm length terminated with a choice of 5.5/2.1 or 5.5/2.5 mm barrel connector. For an extra upgrade, different connectors and different lengths we offer our Level 1Level 2 or Y-Split DC power cables. We also developed a AC power cable specially for our power supplies.

For a significantly better performance we recommend the HifiTuning Supreme3 silver/gold and Synergistic Research Orange fuses. Also we can upgrade the stock AC-inlet to a Furutech Rhodium AC-inlet. Any of these upgrades will be installed during build of your supply.

Please comment in checkout what output voltage you need. Available range is: 5V to 19V or 20V/2.2A to 24V/2.2A. Also note which DC-connector you need. 

Manufacturer: Farad Power Supplies – https://faradpowersupplies.com/


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Basic, Furutech AC & SRO

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  1. TC

    After three good years feeding my DAC with a Sonore microRendu (powered by an UpTone LPS-1), which had taken my system’s sound quality into a new league, and which was further improved by the addition an UpTone Iso Regen, I have now added a combined set of upgrades that is the most dramatic improvement I’ve ever experienced:

    Adding 1) an UpTone EtherRegen ethernet switch feeding, via optical fiber, 2) a Sonore opticalRendu powered by a Farad Super3, replacing the microRendu (I’ve kept the Iso Regen in the chain).

    Joel here at Metawave was fantastic to work with — prompt, very communicative, and helpful before, during, and after the sale, volunteering a variety of useful information and working generously to get me the package of opticalRendu, Super3, and fiber and power cables and other options that would deliver the best results at a reasonable price, and in a short time frame.

    Now, after a few weeks of burn-in, the combination of the EtherRegen and the opticalRendu powered by the Super3, plus Iso Regen, has achieved, in my system at least, a stunning synergy: whole new levels of intimacy and presence, percussive detail and impact combined with supreme gentleness and removal of harshness, and almost awe-inspiring expansion of the width and depth of the soundstage into the kind of holographic immersion that I’d heard others talk about but hadn’t fully experienced before.

    I have no relationship with Joel or Meta Wave other than as a satisfied customer — I just want to thank him for helping me to take these combined steps, which can seem daunting (I was hesitating myself), but which turned out to be more worthwhile than I’d imagined. It’s a cliche but I feel it’s true: now it’s like hearing all my music again for the first time.

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